New Private Servers 2019

2019 Find brand new free private servers to play, showing the 100 latest private servers from games like RuneScape (RSPS), World of Warcraft (WOW PS), Minecraft (MC Servers), Maplestory and more

Black WoW, New Private Servers 2019

200. Black WoW

Servidor no formato Blizzlike customizado. Rates: XP Kill: 3x XP Quest: 3x Drop Item Poor: 3x Drop Item Normal: 3x Drop Item Uncommon: 3x

Terralization, New Private Servers 2019

199. Terralization

Terralization contains Planes, The Industrial Era, Farm, Decorative, and the Magic. The Terralization modpack, is the modpack that are aiming for a good library of mods, bringing friends closer with their favourite mods. Do what ever you want, nuke somone, explore different dimensions, and show som...

Avalon, New Private Servers 2019

198. Avalon

Server information > Low rate server. (2x) > Max level 105. > Human, Elf, Untamed, Tideborn, Earthguard classes. > Alot Of Custom Content. > Fun Farming > Unique Reward For TW. > Unique Reward For BH. > Unique Reward For PV. > Vote For Cubi Gold. > No Reawakening. > No Avatar Cards. > No Starchart....

AcemanWolf Rune Beta Server, New Private Servers 2019

197. AcemanWolf Rune Beta Server

Our RuneScape server is a open beta. Please report bugs and what needs to be added/fixed to the server. Thanks.

TOP OF GAMES, New Private Servers 2019


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Hero Global, New Private Servers 2019

194. Hero Global

We have: Experienced team in the Otserver area for more than 8 years, bringing a mega structure with a Super Dedicated. - Client 10 and 11.0; - DDoS Protection and others; Game features: • Expert PVP; • Global Map EDITED; • Items are infinity; • Auto Loot System; • War Anti En...

DEMONS ONLINE 2.0, New Private Servers 2019


Max lvl 150| Max God lvl 60| Low/Medium rate| New Shards Balanced Market System| No Pay2Win| Loads of newest official features(God system, goddess,spirits, 3rd socker, divine gears, wardrobe etc)| Many daily Tasks/Quests/Bounties/Actions!

Etherum - 2M OSRS every 10 hours, New Private Servers 2019

192. Etherum - 2M OSRS every 10 hours

There is no doubt Etherum is the most advanced RSPS, online for over 8 years, previous called GrinderScape, we provide 220m+ OSRS tournaments weekly! | 2M OSRS every 10 hours! | Easy Start | Instant PK | Perfected combat system! | AWESOME economy | PK Tournaments | Perfect PvM | Perfect staking | B...

Eradication X - Reborn of the Legend!, New Private Servers 2019

191. Eradication X - Reborn of the Legend!

A content-packed 718 private server with tons of unique features. It is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best experience around

ForthWind 3.3.5a -Lvl60 Progression x10, New Private Servers 2019

190. ForthWind 3.3.5a -Lvl60 Progression x10

[x10 max 60 Realm][Progression to level 80][Vote Rewards][Discord][Events][Blizzlike][Cross Faction]-Slipy was here :P

Pkmadness 614, New Private Servers 2019

189. Pkmadness 614

A unique 614 PvP-Spawn server with constant updates

SnowRSPS, New Private Servers 2019

188. SnowRSPS

SnowRSPS is a Custom 07 Runescape remake private server Online 24.7 since 2012, We were known as Snow317 for years, but now we own all Snow names, and will continue to Grow! Join us Anytime. | | | - 1000+ Custom Items - 20+ Bosses - AutoDonations Fr...

Snowcord - 500+ Members, New Private Servers 2019

187. Snowcord - 500+ Members

SnowRSPS is a Custom 07 Runescape remake private server Online 24.7 since 2012, We were known as Snow317 for years, but now we own all Snow names, and will continue to Grow! Join us Anytime. | | | - 1000+ Custom Items - 20+ Bosses - AutoDonations Fr...

Pokemon-sky, New Private Servers 2019

186. Pokemon-sky

Pokemon-sky is a online webbrowser game. Catch Pokemons, sell pokemons, win battles.

Strenbus Classic Progression, New Private Servers 2019

185. Strenbus Classic Progression

New Server: Vanilla WoW with Classic Expansion Progression Enabled! - Expansions release determined by players - 1.2x exp - 2x tradeskill skill ups - Uncommon, Rare, Legendary Drops slightly enhanced - GM Events - 24/7 Uptime

RspscustomscapeReborn, New Private Servers 2019

183. RspscustomscapeReborn

Tons of good customs new bosses new pets new minigames and much more come join us now!

OSRageth, New Private Servers 2019

182. OSRageth

OSRageth RSPS is a 176 Runescape private server that provides an identical/more relaxed feel to 07 Runescape with Loads of Old School content. Full 176 data! Boss Events God-Wars Vent’ion Two Custom Raid Systems Elder Maul Demonic Gorillas Skotizo Working Barrows Mini-g...

OverloadX, New Private Servers 2019

181. OverloadX

Fun, and sportsmanship like. Overloadx, is a good server that will be open to the public forever. The server has tons of custom items, that isn't stupid like most other servers. Godwars... Overloadx boss's...Donator zone... custom funpk zone... and much much more! I wish you the best on the server!

shaiya black zone ep 4.5 pt-br, New Private Servers 2019

180. shaiya black zone ep 4.5 pt-br

shaiya black zone ep 4.5 pt-br level 60 debuff lv 7 lapis lv 7 exp 15x drops 100%. pvp e pve.

DragonWOW, New Private Servers 2019

179. DragonWOW

3.3.5a & Cataclysm Servers constantly updated and maintained, friendly staff and local discord for reporting bugs and issues you encounter.

Bright Kingdom, New Private Servers 2019

178. Bright Kingdom

Nostalgic Gameplay || Japan (HK) files || Cheat Engine Protection || Cap: 105 || EXP rates: Medium || Custom events (scripted), job changes, skills, items, instances and game mechanics || Custom in-game "Fragment" currency from Daily Quest || Randomized "Ingress" bosses || Hammer of Bijou || Estates...

HoloHotel, New Private Servers 2019

177. HoloHotel

Holo Hotel is an r63b server using Arcturus emulator with a heavily edited website and custom user interface!

Ikotic - The perfect Pre-Eoc and OSRS experie, New Private Servers 2019

176. Ikotic - The perfect Pre-Eoc and OSRS experie

Perfect Mix of OSRS & Pre-Eoc Content! | Consistent Updates | 200+ Achievements | Wilderness Keys | Living Rock Caverns | Forst Dragons | Inferno | Vorkath | Zulrah | Slot Machine | Dedicated Team | Team Dungeoneering