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Registered 2nd Dec 2013.

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Blurite - Join now!, Pdwitte's Profile, Gaming-Toplist

1. Blurite - Join now!

Welcome to Blurite, a server aimed to bring back what you loved, and even more! The owner Omicron, the original developer of Soulsplit 1 when it was at it's peak of 3,000 players, has come back to bring you an experience you won't soon forget! With the same Soulsplit 1 source and client as before, t...

Alotic - #1 HD 668 by Run, Pdwitte's Profile, Gaming-Toplist

2. Alotic - #1 HD 668 by Run

Alotic is the #1 668 HD server. We provide an excellent, challenging gameplay that caters to pkers, skillers, and pvmers. Alotic was just released in May, and has shown amazing growth so far. Our game is built on the powerful Soulsplit network. Our secure servers are always online, so that you...

SoulSplit - #1 since 2008, Pdwitte's Profile, Gaming-Toplist

3. SoulSplit - #1 since 2008

SoulSplit has been the #1 RSPS since 2008. With 5 worlds, 99% uptime, active minigames, bossing, cross-world clan chat, and thousands of active players, we've got it all.

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