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Registered 23rd May 2013.

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PlayWorld - F2P and P2P, Playworld's Profile, Gaming-Toplist

1. PlayWorld - F2P and P2P

http://playworldpw.com PlayWorld is since 2011 march 14. PlayWorld contains F2P mode and P2P mode. Both type of players can interact with each other but with an exception of not being able to fight each other in PvP. Thus keeping the combat system difference balanced! You can switch to F2P mod...

PlayWorld, Playworld's Profile, Gaming-Toplist

2. PlayWorld

www.playworldpw.com<br /> <br /> Multiple worlds, VB Forums, Active, 6GB , No Lag, Tons of unique features.<br /> <br /> All minigames, such as clan wars/castle wars, etc.<br /> <br /> All bosses , such as, nex,godwars,Queen black dragon, etc.<br /> <br /> Lots of items with unique special a...

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