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AlternativePk 718

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AlternativePk 718

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Registered 1st May, 2014 at 18:32 by Pastaway
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Website: http://alternativepk.net/
Forums: http://alternativepk.net/forums/
Client Download: http://alternativepk.net/client.jar
Highscores: http://alternativepk.net/highscores/

-Player Based GrandExchange~
-Prestiging With Prestige Shop~
-Player Owned Houses~
-Player Owned Shops!~
-Hourly Lottery~
-Hourly Boss Raids!~
-Full Clan System!~
-Ingame Stat Viewing~
-Gambling Npc (No Dicing)~
-Scarlet Spirit Shield~
-Upgradeable Tzhaar whips~
-Flaminglash Whip~
-Flamburge Sword~
-Fully working PvP system~
-AlternativePk Tokens From pking/bossing
-Killstreak rewards including drygores + Death Cape
-Full time staff, in different time zones~
-Weekly updates~
-Unique home~
-5 Different Donor Ranks
-Always Online + No Lag~
-Fullscreen client + Webclient~
-::maxcombat + ::pure~
-::yell available to every player~
-Clan Wars pvp! Safe + Risk~
-Two Multi pk zones! Safe + Risk~
-Full Summoning with scrolls & Pets~
-Squeal of fortune & daily spins~
-Double xp on weekends~
-All 25 skills working~
-All Auras with little to no cooldowns~
-Better & Fast Boss Drops~
-Loyalty Points + Rewards Shop~
-Title System + Prestiging~
-Large Community + Active Staff~
-Daily & Weekly Events + Prizes~
-Website Highscores~
-Monthly Voting Rewards!~

-Fully Scripted Nex and Nomad with cut-scenes
-All Godwars Bosses
-King Black Dragon + Queen Black Dragon
-Corporal Beast
-Tormented Demons

-Fully scripted Fight Caves (All 63 waves)
-Fully scripted Fight Kiln (36 waves)
-Full Dominion Tower + DT Rewards
-Duel Arena
-Castle Wars
-Pest Control
-Fight Pits With Tokhaar Armour + Tokhaar whips Reward

Server Specs
Bandwidth 4000GB/2TB
4 gigs of ddr2
Windows 7 Server 8.10 w/ xfc GUI
40 gig diskspace

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