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Infliction Reborn

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Infliction Reborn

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Registered 8th January, 2013 at 12:04 by Infliction
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

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Webclient: http://infliction-reborn.com/webclientDownload client: http://infliction-reborn.com/downloads/client.jarWebsite: http://infliction-reborn.com Infliction Reborn is an advanced 732 runescape private server that's looking to give players a chance at enjoying what runescape used to be, before the evolution of combat. We have many bosses, working money pouch, working SOF, character clothing and customization, professional staff, and most importantly a stable ddos protected dedicated host to ensure that your playing experience will not be interrupted. List of PVM content- Full Godwars with Nex- Corporeal beast- Queen Black Dragon- King Black Dragon- Full Barrows- Dagonnoth Kings- Tormented Demons- Kalphite Queen- Frost Dragons- Metal Dragons- Glacors- Giant Mole- Bork List of Minigames- Recipe for disaster- Full fight kiln- Full fight caves- Fight pits- Dominion Tower- Castle Wars- Duel arena- Crucible Other features- All 25 skills working 100%!- Vote Shop, Donator Shop, PKP Shop- Full QBD lair- Loyalty system- Loyalty Shop- Webclient- Stable economy- 100% Uptime- Perfect switching- Active Clean Forums- Highscores- Working lodestones with custom demon teleport!- No lag- Constant Updates- Professional and active Staff- Most unique RSPS- Daily updates!- Old and new Runescape Armor- Perfect pking- Fast and smooth switches- 10x hits- Summoning with working familiars- All dupes fixed- Gambling - Working flowers and dice- Perfect hit formula for melee, range and magic- 100% Slayer coded from scratch- All slayer dungeons added!- 138 combat, summoning counts- Crystal chest- Hairdresser- Makeover Mage- Working Squeal of Fortune- Working money pouch- Clanchat working- Shops working 100%- Custom interfaces- & So much more! 

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