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GameBefore 718


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GameBefore 718

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Registered 2nd May, 2014 at 12:13 by Bink
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Welcome to GameBefore Studios

GameBefore is there to provide you the best gaming experience around.
We ensure you that you won't forget the time you have spend in GameBefore.

To make it all easy for you, we have a live chat open on our website where you can ask whatever you want!

We have an active forum, with daily website, game, forum and shop updates.
To make sure everyone fits in the GameBefore community we try to do as many updates as we can that have been suggested from our member!
The Live chat is not 24/7 yet, but will be in the future.
The Server is 24/7 and is now hosted on a powerful Server-PC.
We are DDoS-Protected and have hourly backups of all our files.

Anyway, that’s enough said about the GameBefore Services!

Features of the GameBefore RSPS:

* All skills are working (Including Construction).
* Quests: Including Recruitment Drive
* Custom Gamebefore Bosses!
* A large range of RS Bosses to conquer and defeat!
* A large range of places to level up your combat levels!
* Duel arena
* Barrows
* Stealing Creations
* Livid Farm
* RuneSpan
* God Wars Dungeon
* Fight Caves & Fight Kiln
* Custom dungeoneering, with a lot of levels to complete!
* Summoning familairs to help you out!
* Advanced Herblore!
* Advanced Agility Courses!
* Clue Scrolls
* Loyalty Points & Shop
* Veteran Cape After 200 hours of playing!
* Prestige System!

* And a lot more!

We are also releasing a new website with a market place, highscores (with comparing) and alot more!

Help Shape Gamebefore:

You have seen some of the awesome content we have in game, now come and join us at:

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