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CloudIn 728


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CloudIn 728

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Registered 3rd May, 2014 at 19:25 by Keiron
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Make sure your java is updated to jre7

You Do NOT need to Register to Play!!

What makes CloudIn different from other Servers?

CloudIn is a server dedicated to 100% Economy, PvM and PVP! We have 100+ players online at any one given time! So come join us here at CloudIn now!
First day open we reached 50 players online, growing fast & STRONG!


- Active Clanning
- Ganodermic beasts
- Revenants
- All types of fun point systems
- PKing related shops.
- ClanChat
- FriendsChat
- Duel Arena
- Dungeoneering System
- Decent and fun economy.
- All special attacks.
- 24.7 Uptime
- Trading
- Webclient
- AutoCasting
- 100% Private Messaging
- Active helpful staff
- 3 Levels of Donator status
- Regular updates!
- Completely Lag Free!
- Summoning
- 100% working leeches
- Runescape like Combat
- Redone accuracy to be like runescape
- Working Korasi’s Sword
- Multi Barrages
- Xp Counter
- Working weapon specs and effects
- Working curses prayer book, including turmoil!
- All spell books, Moderns, Ancients and Lunars
- All Spirit shields working, Even their affects.
- Working Teleblock
- Staff of light Special
- Yell with custom tags
- Daily Events!

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