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Divinity614 - Fatality614

Divinity614 - Fatality614's Banner

Divinity614 - Fatality614

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Registered 4th May, 2014 at 16:29 by Divinity614
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

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Website - http://divinity614.com
Forums - http://divinity614.com/forums
Play Now! - http://divinity614.com/play
Donate - http://divinity614.com/payments

Check out our advertisement video!

When Fatality closed on June 14th 614 servers suffered a huge loss.

I'm glad to announce that we are bringing back the EXACT same server but better!

A little about Divinity614
Divinity614 (previously known as Fatality614) Re-opened after we shut down in June. We offer the exact same fun features as Fatality614 did. But with higher determination to regain our old position as the #1 614 server. We strive to bring 100% uptime, and updates that are player driven by frequent content polls. I hope you can come to love us just as you loved Fatality614!

What makes Divinity614 different from other Servers?

Well Divinity614 is a server dedicated to 100% Pking and nothing else! We have 250+ players online at any one given time! So come join us here at Divinity614 now!

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