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Registered 8th May, 2014 at 17:54 by Extrocity
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

| Instant Pking | Active Pking | Great PVM Drops | Bossing | Perfected Combat | Custom Features | Dedicated VPS |
Website: http://www.extrocity-pk.com
Play Now: http://www.extrocity-pk.com/play.php
Wiki: http://www.extrocity-pk.com/Wiki/wiki.html
Download: http://www.extrocity-pk.com/Client/Extrocity-Pk.jar
Forums: Under Construction
Voting: Under Construction
Auto Donate: Under Construction

*The cache downloads pretty quick


-Over a year of programming
-Professional looking website
-Auto Donation
-Custom Wiki Page
-Player Clipping
-NPC Clipping
-Two game modes: Instant Pking, or Trained Account
-Loyalty Titles for game modes
-All Dupes fixed
-602 Skill Tab
-Most Skills working
-Lootshare(Almost done with coinshare)
-Custom Pking tab
-Targets, target points
-Spawnables: Pk sets, food, pots, veng, barrage
-All prices set
-Full Godwars w/ all bosses working
-Corporeal Beast
-Kalphite Queen
-Edgeville Pking based(Mage bank pking is an option for level differences)
-Custom skilling area for skillers
-Custom weapon upgrading system
-Weapon Specials 100%:Korasi, Claws, Ags, Vls, Stat Hammer, V Spear, Handcannon)
-Chaotics, Primals, D kite, Barrows whip, Lime whip, PvP Armours, Spirit Shieds, Vigour, Comp Cape, And way more
-Ability to get void armors from getting melee kills, range kills, and mage kills
-Stat resetting
-Customized gameframe and client features
-Donator - Spawn mantas, restore special, donator tele, ::yell, 10 Donator points
-Super Donator - Spawn rocktails, restore special, Donator tele, ::yell, ::customtag(yell tag), 30 Donator Points
-Elite Donator - Spawn rocktails, restore special, Donator tele, ::yell, ::customtag(yell tag), ::customlogin(custom login message)50 Donator Points
-602 NPC's, 602 Animations, 474 Maps, 474 Obj, 317 base
-Perfect Pking - uncheatable aswell
-Perfect Duel Arena w/ no dupes
-Dicing handled in clan chat
-Dedicated Trentahost DDoS protected VPS. 99.9% Uptime
-Turmoil in original prayer interface(hate when people add a new interface all the other prayers are awful)
-Working Ring of Wealth
-Switch magic books in the quest tab(information tab)
-Perfect and clean looking shops
-Perfect Item Switching
-Fast Cache downloading
-Wayyy more content, just login and see for yourself!

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