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Registered 13th May, 2014 at 00:06 by Sajon
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

I am releasing it because I have gone through many servers looking for a nice server to PK on an I can never come across one so I decided to just quickly put one together so that those people like me can just enjoy themselves pking. Now yeah when you first log on there might be 0 - 5 players only but what you expect? It's a BETA that just came out :P
Keeping it simple and old school :D
The set Home I chose was Pest Control island because well Edgeville gets boring seeing it as a home instead of just pking.
Barrows above ground! (Digging for them is still possible also! which ever you prefer!)
I didn't know what pictures to take of the server because well alot of people have already seen them,
Fishing is Catherby
Mining is Falador Dung
Smithing in Varock West
Woodcutting is in Camelot forests
Thieving at home
Agility at Gnomes
and Farming at the farm patches in Catherby
Bosses are the common ones like King Black Dragon, Daggnoth Kings, and Chaos Ele which is located in the wilderness and you have to tele to (DEEP) to get there where some pkers could pk you! :O right? lol
Training Spots
Rock Crabs of course right? Always in the same spot, the regular dungeons Tav and Brim + your average Hill Giants and Slayer tower for your slay tasks :)
I changed the waves around to be only 10 because in this server you can lose your firecapes and pk them too so 10 waves should be too hard to repeat if you get pked or die an lose your cape!
Well that's all that I can think of for the time being, hope you come and try out the server, invite your friends and have fun! If you have pointers or tips or even suggestions on what should be changed or added to the server I'd be glad to hear them!



DL client:

So Welcome to my server! or happy hunting for the one that you are into!

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