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Registered 14th May, 2014 at 21:44 by Xelysiumx
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

- This server will simply blow your mind away

- This is ElysiumX, we are an epic pvp and also skill based server with a stable economy, We are working as hard as we can because we love to be flexible to your runescape private server needs. Just login and if you find something you dislike or something that you think should be added to improve this server then please talk to our staff team or owners Daniel or Jonas

- We are currently loading a 752 cache!

- website link: http://www.elysiumx.com/#
- webclient: http://www.elysiumx.com/webclient.html
- download link :http://www.elysiumx.com/ElysiumX.jar
- Forums: http://elysiumx.com/forums/

- Owners
- Daniel
- Jonas

- Moderators

- Supporters
- Jake

- Forum Admin

- Forum Mod

- Staff applications

- Features:
- Cash tickets
- ALL Skills working
- 24/7 ON
- Double XP Friday-Sunday
- Auto Vote
- Auto Donation
- Amazing Economy
- Amazing Skilling & Combat
- Custom Bosses
- Sunfreet - Thanathos - yk'lagor - Dracula - Blink
- Pest queen
- over 12 bosses!
- Custom skilling minigame!
- all new 752 items as Drygores - off-hand weapons etc.
- Unique custom built home
- Working auras with xp booster
- working Double Xp rings!
- Noticeboard to change names and looks on your caracter

- Professional/Experienced Staff
- Unique combination of PvP and PvE gameplay (4GB RAM VPS)
-Reminder: We have alot more features so why dont you come and check the rest out yourself?

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