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TripPK 742

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TripPK 742

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Registered 3rd June, 2014 at 03:06 by Trippkv2
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Here I'll show you what I added and fixed in Trip-PK!

[Glitch Fixes]

I successfully fixed Money Pouch Dupe.
I successfully fixed the chatbox and PM system.
I successfully fixed all Dupes.
I successfully fixed Prestiging System.
I successfully fixed Loyality System.
I successfully fixed Multilogging from the same IP.
I successfully fixed Clan Chat System.
Fixed IP Bans and IP Mutes.


We're currently working on a Webclient.
We'll work in Auto-Voting System.
We'll work in Auto-Donation System.
We'll work on Duel Arena Minigame.
We'll work on Custom Yells.

[Completed Things]

Nex added, he drops Nex pieces, and is teamable boss.
You don't lose items if you die.
We successfully added Dicing in the server.
Added four modes, Very Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme.
Added Real RS Graphics and Old RS Graphics.
Auto Retaliate System now successfully works!
Added Giant Rock Crabs, you can AFK and train there.
Added an announcement when someone logins.
Added Dragon Claws Special Attack.
Added an "View Stats" option, where you can see other player stats.
Added ::hs command, where you save your stats in highscores.
Added Prestiging system. ::Prestige.
Added Vanguard, Trickster and Battle-Mage on Prestige Store.
Added Squeal of Fortune, where you can win Partyhats, Cash, Spirit Shield, Dragon Claws, etc.
Added three starter Packs, Mage, Melee and Mage.
Added Skill Points.
Added Staff Cape.
Added Veteran Cape.
Added some custom Emotes.
Added sounds on Different Places.
Added Clan Wars and Clan Wars Highscores.
Added Drygore weapons.
Increased damage. Harder Mode = More Damage.
Added 120 Dungeoneering.
Now you can't trade if you don't have a 400 Total Level.
Added Dominion Tower Minigame.
Added Zombie Onslaught Minigame.
Added The Crucible Minigame.
Added Achievement System.
Now you don't lose items if you're in Hard/Extreme Mode.
Now you don't lose items in Clan Wars PvP.
Added Queen Black Dragon.
Added Avatar of Destruction.
Added Glacors.
Added Basic Skilling Area and Advanced Skilling Area.
Added Dzone and Dzone Shop.
Added Green Donator Signs.
Added Revenants.
Added an Announcement when you get a skill 99.
Added Player Titles.
Added Blink Boss.
Added Kalphite Queen Boss.
Added Yk'Lagor the Thunderous Boss.
Added Party Demon Boss.
Added Hati's Relleka Woods Boss.
Added Tormented Demons.

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