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Registered 27th June, 2014 at 17:11 by Branski232
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We are a Brand New 317 that will be learned to love and grow! Currently under Development and is only in beta! anyone that joins now will keep there status when we reach our last stage of development! I do work quite a bit but am active as much as possible as well as the other 2 owners! Until we get enough donations to come through i will not be changing my webhost unless i get a decent about of donation. I have it as an old website link and if i get enough i will update it to NaNo-Scape.net but for now it is just http://thantos.x10.mx/Forum

DL link = http://thantos.x10.mx/NaNo.jar
Webclient = http://thantos.x10.mx
Forum = http://thantos.x10.mx/Forum

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