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Quantum Infinity 718/753


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Quantum Infinity 718/753

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Registered 2nd July, 2014 at 18:20 by Twoalpha
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Private Server Description

Welcome to the Quantum Infinity 718/753 page!

QI753 is a very new 718 loading 753 rsps. This means that it is a 718 based source but loads many aspects of a 753 server including such things as npcs, items, map data, graphics etc.

here is a simple list of what the server currently offers:

- Drygore weaponry
- High level off-hand weapons (drygores/chaotics)
- Many new wands/books (ahrims/virtus)
- Achievements list
- Squeal of Fortune
- 3 levels of donator status
- A zombie minigame
- Awesome desert home
- Great and stable economy
- Working clue scrolls
- Skilling points; get rewarded for skilling with exp boosting items
- A great owner who is online a lot and listens to his players
- No glitches/dupes
- Custom bosses
- Prestige system
- Duel arena
- Full fight caves
- Very rewarding trivia system
- Friendly staff
- X2 EXP points weekends (fri-sun)
- Crystal key chest
- Boss contractor: get paid to kill random bosses
- Easily changeable display name
- Large selection of titles
- Regular or custom dungeoneering; take your pick

+ Much more...

Come and join the fun now!

.Jar client: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s689cpurab...20Infinity.jar

Forums: http://quantuminfinity.createaforum.com/

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