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Elysium 742 | Dung - POH


Elysium 742 | Dung - POH's Banner

Elysium 742 | Dung - POH

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Registered 2nd July, 2014 at 21:08 by Elysiumrspsofficial
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

We have a Homepage | Forums | Vote | Donate | Highscores | Wiki. All links in homepage.

It is the server you have been waiting for! This server has so much content. Updates are daily, and also put on the forums. We keep our staff stable and respectable. Economy is completely changeable without updating :). This is so we can keep our economy perfect. So what's stopping you from playing? Play Now! Trust me, your gonna thank me for saying so.

Some features:

Full Lobby
All masters with different level tasks.
All 24 skills working alike rs.
8 Coded Quests!
Full Player owned houses.
Clan system
24 hours spins system
Plank crafting
All craftables, jewellery, cannonballs, and enchantments.
Full Farming patches and plants
Endless fun with over 15+ completion cape requirements.
Custom bosses
Playerbased Grand Exchange
Real Dungeoneering!
Summoning Pouch and Scrolls
Fairy Rings
Shooting stars
Teleportation System @ Home
Perfect XP Rate
Prestige System (never stops)
Player Design
Global Trivia Bot
Fight Kiln/Caves/Pits
God Wars Dungeon
Advanced Agility
Perfect Skilling
Perfect Switching
Old and new items look

-Castle Wars
-Fight Caves
-Fight Kiln
-Clan Wars, with clan vs clan
-Fist of Guthix
-Pest Control
-Warrior Guild
-Duel Arena
-Soul Wars
-Dominion Tower
-Troll Invasion
-Sorceress's Garden
-Hunger Games (custom)
-Zombies (custom)
And many more adventures...

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