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Registered 22nd July, 2014 at 18:44 by Fancyweirdo
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

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Just SOME featuresDuo Slayer
15+ Bosses
13+ Mini-Games
Lottery system
over 10 breeds of pets
Lottery system
Multiple custom quest's
World 2 [PvP Only!]
Press [ESC] to logout!
All pvp armours with effects
All barrows items with effects
PvP Target System
100% Working dwarf cannon
Summoning with specials, pouches, and scrolls
Jad with all waves (63)
Perfected pking and combat
Clue scrolls
Server announcement when rare drop
::yell system with titles
Timed bans
unique jail. (mine 200 clays to get out)
K/D Ratio
Ragefire, steadfast, and glaivens w/ effects
Insane Donor benifets
Stable economy
Clan chat w/ lootshare
Castle wars
Godsword pieces/mantle
Spirit shields/effects/mantling
Runescape Running. (runs out)
Vps hosted
Profession Web Dev
multiple developers


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