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Registered 29th August, 2014 at 21:10 by Soulsplitrsps
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Private Server Description

Up for a challenge with thousands of players? Soulsplit is the place to go! We provide the best gameplay out of all RSPS. We also provide world-wide servers to optimize your gameplay, offering locations in the USA, Europe, and Australia.

Our Community
Soulsplit has a very nice and friendly community that is always there to help you out. We strive for direct player reflection; this means that players should be the ones to help other players out. This ensures the best gaming environment possible.

First I'd like to start off by telling you about our management. We strive for the best game environment for everyone - we care about our players' opinions and we take their suggestions into account. Due to our extensive attention to our players Soulsplit has been able to become the top ranking Runescape Private Server*. The players are the foundation to our success, without players we would be only a fraction of our current size. The players are our friends, we commit to have a clear and effective communication with them.. Due to the large amount of support our players give us we have fully fixed our wilderness and also we have given the players a great platform for clans to develop and to improve clan community. At the same time it motivates individual clans to become more active. We are thinking of improvements to the game at all times. That is what makes us the number one Runescape Private Server* - We pursue to remain ahead of our competition at all times.

Soulsplit fits YOU.
Soulsplit was designed to entertain every type of player. We have different game modes where you can choose how you would like to play. Are you an old-school lover? This is your lucky day! The old-school game mode will perfectly entertain you. If you are more of a new school player you can select the High Quality Graphics game mode. You can also choose XP modes that vary from 5,000 XP per hit to 10 XP per hit. So if you prefer a more challenging gameplay or someone who just likes to enter our highly populated wilderness straight after logging in, Soulsplit is THE game for you.

Our ideal is maximum entertainment. We are not in this business for the money; we set up Soulsplit to entertain you to the fullest. We strive to ensure all our players of an enjoyable gaming environment. You do not have to pay to play our game. You have the option to purchase items, but it is not necessary to purchase items in order to enjoy Soulsplit.

Market Leader
Soulsplit is not only the market leader reaching up to 3000 players during peak time; we are also the highest quality Runescape Private Server available. Our support is not only professional but they strive to deliver the best support possible. Without our amazing staff we would not be able to ensure the current lever of gaming environment. Our website was professionally designed to ensure maximum support. The website contains account recoveries, ban/mute appeals, a live chat and more! You can visit our website at: http://soulsplit.com.

Soulsplit Videos
Don't feel like reading? Watch amazing videos on: http://www.soulorb.com.

A video is worth a thousand words. Maybe two.

We really hope see you soon - and remember this is your adventure!

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