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Registered 1st September, 2014 at 03:05 by Riffolen
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

gravityscape is a brand new server and will soon be one of the most successful. The server has only just been released, yet with our improvements and fixes, gravityscape is soon going to be a server everyone will remember.

gravityscape is an Economy server:

This basically means there's no spawning and any items people obtain will have been earned through PVM or from PKing. This means our items will have value, making everything more fun, giving players something to aim for and of course making it so much better when you finally get that kill for rare items. There are tons of different ways to exchange your items including specific market areas, clan chats, and even a section on forums. Being a new server we want to get our economy right the first time. To ensure we achieve this we have made drop rates at a perfect level to maintain item drops for PvMers, but also to give just enough that we're not flooded with items and massive inflation like you see on most other private servers.

The gravityscape Experience:

gravityscape community is like no other! As soon as you join you will notice our wilderness, brand new forums, and impressive PvMing system. Here at gravityscape, we like to have a good time aswell as bring you the players the best possible experience that we can give you.

Our community gives a warm welcome to all new players, and presents them with many opportunity to get involded with activities and get to know existing members. Anyone that joins will be flooded with welcomes and will be helped as much as they desire to be helped.

- riskyzone
- superezone
- cosmeticzone
- narutofigher
- rares
- train
- skillingzone
- diceingzone
- votezone
- chillzone
- donateoffers
- votoinfo
- drops
- altars
- vote
- claim
- 126 Maxed skill's
- Dungeoneering Work
- Quest cape Work
- XP Ring
- Deathcape Work

- Barrows
- Duel arena
- Tzhaar cave
- Pest control
- Warriors guild

- godwars
- king black dragon
- dagannoth kings
- tormented demons
- corporal beast
- nex added

Okey , little bit about GravityScape.
First of all, we are a Eco/pvm/Pk Server.
We have added autovote system.
We have added autodonate system.
Highscore Added.
We have new home.
All bosses/monsters work at our server, we have a new home.
The shops are amazing, we got a starter that contains all item u need to start out
And This Server is Custom rsps over 500 customs
We have over 500 custom items , but still i need to fix alot of them..I keep adding more customs everyday.
Oke , and little bit about staff / im looking for active staff.
We think the players are the most important thing in a RSPS, thats why we put players first in every situation, and to do that we have the best staff we could find, we have really helpfull staff.
The main thing i hate about some RSPS's is that the staff is always too busy to help, we dont have that kind of staff and im not looking for busy staff or not acitve.

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