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Registered 10th September, 2014 at 23:01 by Xenoneconomy
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Features -
Proffessional website
Lots of content
No-Doze combat sytem
Binary player saving
Large selection of minigames
Large number of bosses
Duo Slayer
No lag, 24-7.
- Stable economy.
- First server ever to have duo slayer.
- Fully Working dwarf multicannon
- Perfectly working Hunter
- Perfect combat
- Revenants
- 15+ bosses including Nex, Corporal beast, tormented demons and many others.
- Two custom quests.
- Full farming
- Clan system with complete management(promoting, demoting, kicking, banning etc...)
- Dungeoneering with mutliple floors
- Dicing & Flowergame
- Summoning with all familiars
- Newest/old hit marks (Can be toggled in the option interface)
- Glacors + Steadfast, Gaiven and Ragefire boots
- 5 different slayer masters covering over 96 different Slayer monsters.
- Full pest control
- Full Castle Wars
- Full duel arena
- Abysall whip vine
- Pk points System
- Killstreak system
- Lottery
- Hiscores
- Perfect Ancient Curses.
- Perfect korasi sword.
- Slayer helm fully working
- Completionist cape and Tokhaar-Kal cape
- Overloads, prayer renewals, recover special potion and more.
- All special attacks from ags to Dragon Pickaxe fully working.
- Working renewal, augury & rigour & ring of vigour prayers
- All npcs have a good variety of drops.
- Woodcutting trees & mining ores respawn.
- Advanced teleporting system with jewellery.
- Active Community with professional forums.
- Regular double exp/drops weekend.
- Fully working abyss plus runecrafting pouches.
- Enourmous variety of places where you can train skills & combat.
- Perfect Switching.
- Website based account management system
- Regular community events & drop parties.
- Bank pins


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