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NeXus RsPs 753~Exclusive


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NeXus RsPs 753~Exclusive

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Registered 11th September, 2014 at 02:49 by Cjvautour
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Want to try out a new private runescape server that has a whole new gameplay experience?

Daily updates, unique content, rares, customs and so much more!!!

- Endless Waves of Zombie Onslaught Minigame (With OSP Points and Shop)
- Skilling (Every Skill Works Perfectly!)
- Combat (Perfect PvM and PvP Combat!)
- Boss Contracts (Kill Once Only)
- New Multplayer Dungeoneering System (2 Floors/Difficulties)
- Automated Double EXP Weekends!
- Difficulty Levels with different drop rates and exp rates!
- Six Prestige Levels, With Points System!
- Skilling Rewards (1 Pt/Skill)
- PvP System (Points, Killstreaks, Leaderboards, Shops and more!)
- Loyalty System (250 Points/30 Minutes Time Online, Shops and Custom Titles!)
- Squeel of Fortune (100% Fixed and Functioning!)
- Fight Caves (63 Waves)
- Fight Kiln (32 Waves)
- 100% Working Nex & Godwars!
- Crucible
- Slayer Tasks Now 100% working!
- All new Barelchest Boss
- Random Shooting star event!
- Daily Updates and the most Unique/Epic Content ever!

Visit us online at http://nexusrs.ca to join free today!

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