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Registered 15th September, 2014 at 02:58 by Geo
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Welcome to TryndamerePk - Where Your Journey Begins Endlessly

We are announcing our new server in which was developed by Shaloxis, Insidiax, and Ryan. An announcement of .000001% to Sk8terdude from Mopar for fixing small various bug with the client.

Our server is a 100% uptime server. With a 100% uptime Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosted. The server were created to be as simple as it can be for people to skill, level, train, fight boss(PVM) for items that are earnt, and Player-Killing with other players gambling your good for the thrill of fun and gains. In which will introduce to the community 100% Stable ECO.

Our server propose 100% ANTI - Cheat client prevented. DDOS Protected and Cloudflare. Dupes Patched. Duel arena Patched.

Our server have the mini games just like very other would have for you to play. But why choose us? Because we make it simple and easy for you to play. For example, You don’t need to run through 6 different dungeon for Barrows. Instead they are there already! You just have to kill them for the drops. Our server presents to you an easy way of making cash but at the same time stable!

~Stable ECO~
-Automated Donation-
-Vote System-
-100% Dice/Dice Status/Dice Arena/Dice Shop-
-Donator zone(Similar to NR) ::donatorzone-
-PVM - with awesome bosses and stable drop rates - Nex, Nomad, Bork, Sea Troll Queen, Tormented Demon, King Black Dragon, Chaos Elemantal, Moles, GodWar Dungeons
-Working items such as: Torva/Pernix/Virtus, DiceBag, Chaotics, Saggi, DFS(withSpec), Barrows, AGs, VLS, Drygores, Vesta, Stats!!!! AND MUCH MUCH MORE!
-PK (PVP) Working Switches, with working specs!
-Fun PK - If your scared to die in pvp - why not practice here!
-26+ skills including Dungeoneering - Summoning - and PKING-

-Duel Arena-

-Working Overload-
-Working Special Restore-

So why choose our server? We offer a friendly, fun, stable, environment for all players of all kind. We don’t turn down our players opinion nor We don’t turn down our players in any matter. We put our players first in all matters, just to keep a happy community. So JOIN NOW~~!!!

Home/Forum: www.tryndamerepk.com or www.tryndamerepk.com/forum/
Download our latest client here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zj0sbh3r20804z7/TryndamerePK%20%282%29.jar?dl=0

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