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Achilles 667

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Achilles 667

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Registered 17th September, 2014 at 21:18 by Istartedover
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Brand new server! Back to PvP with PvM updates!
What makes us different?
-100% working slayer, with skipping tasks and ROW working. New Addition!
-BOSS SLAYER TASKS: Earn extra exp, extra points, and get a chance to get lucky drops!
-Slayer Helmets with added bonus stats while on task and bonus points for complteting tasks wearing it.
-New boss: Optimal Boss, drops Optimal weapons for those who are too lazy to PK for Chaotics.
-New addition: Queen Black Dragon, test your luck on the queen of the dragons! Drops Fire Torva, Flaming Sword and Flaming Lash!
-Newly renevated ::gear command automatically equips you with the starting gear and banks your current items so you are ready to pk!
-Newly made shops with working Elite Void equipment. -Things such as: FireCapes, Completionist Capes, Barrows Gloves, and YouTube capes, are now kept on death, however they must be earned!
-FireCapes are tradeable after earning them from doing Fight Caves.
-Barrows gloves are earned from our newly added Boss Points. Yes Boss Points, for the PvMers who maybe aren't so lucky with drops, now you always make money for every boss you kill.
-Boss points and Slayer points also stack, so you can do them at the same time.
We are excited for the things happening on Achilles667! So come join us at Achilles 667! Taking all suggestions for ideas on the forums as well!

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