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Entirely OldSchool

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Entirely OldSchool

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Registered 13th October, 2014 at 05:14 by Eos
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Entirely old school is a brand new 317 which is based off 2007 rs, it has multiple new items which are included in the lists below. it has heaps of perfect looking features , the only thing missing is the players. that's where you come into the picture ;)

- All godwars bosses
- Corperal Beast
- Barrelchest
- Kbd
- Chaos Elemental

- Fight caves
- Pest Control
- Castle Wars
- Duel Arena
- Barrows
- Warriors Guild

Abyssal Vine Whip
Tentacle Whip
Korasi's Sword
Pvp Armours
Completionist cape
Dragon Claws
Spirit Shields

- Horror from the Deep
- Recipe for Disaster
- Desert Treasure
- Monkey Madness
- Morts Master Plan
- Demon Slayer
- Dragon Slayer
- Freminnik Isles
- Freminnik Trials
- The Restless Ghost
- Cooks Assistant
- Shadow of the Storm
- Witches Potion
- Dorics Quest
- Vampyre Slayer
- Romeo and Juliet
- The LOst City


Cache & Source developer - Luke, "Geelong Cats"
Source developer - Jesse, "Mort"

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