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OwnXile - Innovative PK


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OwnXile - Innovative PK

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Registered 24th October, 2014 at 20:37 by Ownxile
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

New Updates: Bounty Hunter

Welcome to OwnXile! We are an exciting 317 revision growing incredibly fast to reach the top. We promise extensive updates every week, frequently several times a week, and will never fall back on that promise. We offer the best gameplay that is voted on by the community to ensure a secure relationship with the players. Here at OwnXile you are able to create your own quests and potentially have them implemented in the game itself.

At OwnXile we strive to bring perfection in every aspect of the game, whether that is creating new content, fixing outstanding bugs and implementing suggestions based on by the community. Our developers and management team have years of experience and offer their time to help as often as they can. We have an amazing player retention rate and are sure you'll be hooked if you check us out!

Why OwnXile?

•Choose your own experience rates: Novice, Hero, Champion, Legend, Ironman, Ultimate Ironman with bonus perks

•Fixed screen, resizable and fullscreen clients available

•Bonus lottery every 3 hours

•Over 30+ perfected unique quests with several Grandmaster quests

•Build your own server using OwnScript. No coding knowledge required! Every submission counts, here we listen to our players.

•Boss Pets & Kill Count

•Dragon Claws & PvP Weapon Specs

•Stable Connection & No lagg Uptime 100%, 24/7

•Active PKing in Edgeville, Green Dragons, Mage Bank & right-click PKing anywhere on the map coming soon.

•Working absorption bonuses for Elysian, Divine, Spectral and Arcane Spirit Shields.

•Perfect switches & KDR and EXP counter

•Working teir hiscores in every skill for those who are competitive

•Over 20 Boss Monsters including The Inadequacy, Barrelchest Penance Queen, Godwars Dungeon, Multiple Wilderness Bosses

•Penance Queen Wilderness hunt with bonus experience and valuable rewards worth sharing with the community.

•Working random lottery and voting rewards.

•100% working Castle Wars, Fight Pits, Duel Arena Staking, Last Man Standing & more!

•Unique slayer system with monsters that include Abyssal Spectres, Goraks, Skeletal Wyverns & Mitril Dragons

•Ancient Magicks & Lunars for extensive & challenging wilderness PKing and Boss Hunting

•Automatic Donations system with the ability to donate for an appealing forum rank.

•Change the way your forum looks by selecting the available forum themes.

•Customizable gameplay on webclient or desktop downloadable client.

Our Mission

Here at OwnXile we take a different approach the other generic servers you come across. We work endlessly to bring you a dedicated, high performance environment to play our enjoyable, content-filled server emulator.

The content that has been implemented into the server has created not only a massive community but it also has created a feature where every player can have the role to create their own content and add to the game. We take every approach to make sure that the content implemented is enjoyable and what every player wants.

We also have a new tool, OwnScript, than enables anyone without any programming knowledge to submit their work and have it reviewed and voted upon or implementation. We listen to our players and want what they want; a gaming experience for all to enjoy.

Our Wilderness and intense minigames create challenges for those who seek more than just a game to play.

Staff Management

We offer several roles for our management team and ensure an all-around professional group of individuals to bring you an incredible gaming experience. Our developers take their time to put forth the best updates to maximize daily updates and potential player retention. Our moderators work with you and have been exercising great service since day one.

Are you ready to join in on the experience? Come check us out at www.OwnXile.com!

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