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Registered 25th October, 2014 at 07:08 by Zoft
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Hey guys!

I want to welcome you all to our advertisement thread. This server has been a project ran by two people, myself as the developer, and Jason as the funder.

With his ideas in mind I aimed to create a good economy-based server for tons of players to game on, we feature a lot of content so that the players can find a lot to do in the server.

Goal: Our overall goal here is to work on and continue developing a server that both has a great economy and has a great community. Until that goal is achieved we will updating the source.

Anyway, enough about us lets talk about the server.

[*]Revision: Up to Spirit Shields (features OSRS items though).
[*]Wilderness Resource Area / Bosses
[*]Bounty Hunter (esq) PvP. (Target + Wealth Skull & Bonus)
[*]All Skills Accessible
[*]Tons of Training Areas/Dungeons/Bosses/Mini-Games to take part in
[*]Dedicated and Mature Staff team.
[*]Vbulletin forums (not nulled).
[*]+ much more


Draynor is our selected home, and I'm going to help break it down to you so you can get around faster.

I'm the white dot in the middle of the path outside the bank.

Stalls: The 3 basic thieving stalls are here.
Diango: (Exchanges Cash Vouchers, Sells Mithril Seeds/Dice)
Gambler: Gambling Vouchers used here.
Melee, Magic, Range Tutors: Gives 1 free set of their respective class to the player.
Monk of Entrana: MAP based clues are used here, depending on their class (easy, medium, hard) you will pay to be teleported to the exact location.
Hollowed Cave: To enter you must pay 500K, but once inside you gain access to fighting the Mithril Dragon, and Brutal Green Dragons.

Cooking Range: Obvious
Shops: All the main vendors of the game are located here.

Duradel: Assigns a Slayer Task.
Lever: Teleports to Chaos Elemental
Trapdoor: [NEW] boss Dessous (drops an Onyx ring, once enchanted gives player a ring which cuts the average drain rate of prayer in HALF).

Cows & Chickens: Basic training at it's finest.
Kalphite Entrance: You know the deal. ;)
Old Man: Use his boat to access Barrelchest

Prayer Altar: Recharge prayer and use bones on the Altar here.
Magic Altar: Switch to different spell books here.
Duradel's Personal Glory: Free for 7 uses, afterwards 500K per use. Teleports player DIRECTLY to their Slayer task.
Crystal Key Chest: Chance of giving the players much needed Natures, Mantas, Sharks, Dragonstones, or other MISC. items.
Gilded Wardrobe: Customizing Character.
Cape of Legends: Edgeville Teleport.

[SPOILER=Home Media]


Basic Training Dungeon: This area includes the following NPCs
Rock Crab: Level 12
Experiment: Level 44
Experiment: Level 57
Experiment: Level 9
Experiment: Level 97


This one is pretty obvious, most of your Tasks can be found here.


We offer the following mini-games (currently):

[b]Fighter Arena:[/b]

[b]Pest Control:[/b]

[b]Duel Arena:[/b]

[b]Fight Pits:[/b]


We offer the following Dungeons (currently):

While I could post pictures of each area these dungeons usually are the same with every source. Therefore media explaining them would be pointless.

[b]Key Areas:[/b]
Fight Pits
Fight Caves
Blue Dragons
Bronze Dragons
Iron Dragons
Steel Dragons
Black Dragons

We offer the following bosses (currently):
NOT IN TELEPORTS: Chaos Elemental, Black Knight Titan, Trues Dayth, Sea Troll, Dessous, Kalphite Queen, Barrelchest.


A big part of this server is the Skilling as high skill levels are required in many things you do in the source. On here, the whole island of Miscellania is a training ground for Skilling.

You can find anything from Mining Rocks, to Magic Trees, and so on. Here you can also purchase Slaves and get yourself a [i]SKILLING TASK[/i].

Now, as I just showed basically the core of the server there are tons of new features we wish our players to take advantage of, I got a jumbled list of media from the source to give you an idea of some of the things to do in the server.

[SPOILER=Random Media]

[SPOILER=Latest Update]
First you will need to update your client do so here: Here

Today the following updates/patches were introduced.

Clue Scroll Rewards + Interface(s) have now been fixed and they should all work 100% now.

All 256 slots in the Drop Log are now use-able.

A new boss has been added (Dessous) he can be found just EAST of the Home area. Use the trapdoor.

This boss drops some good items, but his best item is an Onyx Ring which can be enchanted to a Ring of Prayer which cuts the average prayer drain rate in HALF.


The bosses listed are now obtainable, they are dropped by their respective bosses, rarely. Enjoy .

You can now obtain the 3 3rd Age Weapons (Wand, Longsword, Bow) from Hard Clues.

You can now obtain the Katana by killing the Black Knight Titan.

You can now obtain the 3 OSRS rings by killing the Wild Bosses (Black Knight Titan, Sea Troll, Treus Dayth). Each drops one of them.

The Clue Scroll teleport that the Entrana Monk offers now has a price cut. Easy Clues: 100K Medium Clues: 250K Hard Clues: 500K.

For those of you who were having problems Farming, any issues regarding Herb farming should be cleared up. (Dibbler, Water Can, and Rake in skilling shop).

For those of you having problems exchanging points for Void armour, any and all issues should be resolved now.

[size=14pt][b][url=http://www.projectextracted.com/Play/client.jar]PLAY NOW[/url][/b][/size]

Question/Comments? Post here :)

Please only post constructive criticism as any flame will be disregarded/reported, thanks for reading. :)

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