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Registered 2nd February, 2013 at 15:46 by Crisisxreborn
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

[size=12pt]~ We are striving to bring back the fun oldschool times back in 2010 ~[/size]
Base:[/B] Emulous
[B]Programmer:[/B] mrClassic
[B] Forums:[/B] [URL=http://criticalx.info]CriticalX[/URL]
[B]Uptime:[/B] 24/7
[B] Client Download Link:[/B] [URL=http://criticalx.info/index.php?topic=3.0]Click Here[/URL]
[B]Webclient:[/B]: [URL=http://criticalx.info/webclient]Click Here[/URL]

Downloadable client is a jar file.

[B]Why CriticalX?[/B] As our Emulous base gives us the great stability features it offers and my vps gives us an edge, with PKing as perfect as possible this is the server for you, with everything from skilling to combat to merchanting to bosses having a great time.


- HD and LD playable
- Always players online
[*]- No customs
[*]- Nice Combat
[*]- Good Economy
[*]- All 474 Emotes/GFX/Anims
[*]- Real Combat Based Slayer Tasks
[*]- Nice Skilling Area
[*]- Various Minigames
[*]- True CrisisX Remake of 2010








[URL=http://criticalx.info/webclient/LD][IMG]http://criticalx.info/webclient/ld.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://criticalx.info/webclient/HD][IMG]http://criticalx.info/webclient/hd.png[/IMG][/URL]

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