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Skarred Lands

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Skarred Lands

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Registered 3rd December, 2014 at 12:33 by Sk8rdude461
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Register - http://skarred-lands.com/index.php?action=register
Play - http://skarred-lands.com/index.php?action=play
Download - http://skarred-lands.com/index.php?action=download

Why Skarred?
Skarred Lands is a RuneScape Private Server (RSPS) server from the 317 revision. It does have content from higher and more recent revisions, but it's not the newest. It still has an old-school feel to it, while not really being old school. What sets our server apart from others is how our server is ran. We put the community first, because if they're not satisfied, we're not. Don't be mistaken, though, because our updates are anything besides normal. One week we may just be updating some bugs, and the next week we could be releasing a new minigame or similar. We like to keep our players guessing, and our staff guessing a little more.
I hope to see you in game soon,
Mod Watson

An Important Message
Our server is in a [u]public beta[/u] right now. Which means two things (mostly). One is that [u]all players must register on the forums to play[/u]. I know most people hate this requirement, and it is planned to be removed, but it is needed for the beta because it is important that players report any and all bugs to the staff, and having you on the forums already just puts you one step closer to doing that. Two, it means that our server isn't perfect. I will not guarantee your current experience as we are attempting to patch whatever bugs are left on top of adding new content and more updates.

Custom dungeoneering
Working dwarf cannon.
Custom Yell titles & yell chat channel
Dicing - Both public dicing and clan dicing
Achievements - Always adding more
Working beer barrels - chug a lug.
Mystery boxes.
Custom smiley system.
Better teleporting interface (all teleports use the same interface for less confusion)
[INFO] and Lottery ticker with toggle messages.
Working pickables.
Custom minigame - Weapon Roulette. More to come.
Unique home
Better/Proper run orb handling
Unique skill lock tab
Curses & prayers (duh)
Spellbook switching (more duh)
Skill display toggle (similar to runescape)
Player ranks above heads
Instant player rank updating (no more relogging for playerrights!)
And so many more... Come play and find out!

Customize-able title + chat channel
Custom smilies:
Teleporting interface
Dungeoneering start:
Dungeoneering in-game:
Weapon Roulette lobby:
Weapon Roulette game:
More of the game:
Check the run orb.. Standing:
XP Locks:
The skilltab (just in case someone wanted to see)
My little owner office:
Instant player rights updating:
(Clan owner: mod watson. Mod test is a friend of mod watson)
(Clan owner: mod test. Mod watson is a friend of mod test but is also an in-game admin)

Updates (Newest first)
Changed magic shop. Aubury is now in charge of it.
Added support for aubury's three chat options (talk, teleport, trade). Talking opens a prompt asking if you want to do option 2 or 3. Teleport takes you to the essense mines (teleport to be configured..), and trade opens the shop.
Fixed runecrafting altars and Mausoleum. Sizes were off by 1.
Fixed slayer - wasn't assigning tasks.
Finished Weapon Roulette dialogues.
Added support for new clan chat icons.
Added support for pure essense mining at the essense mines.
Converted clan saving from .ini to .json.
Added support for the portals in the essense mines (They all take you back to Aubury).
Fixed a bug causing extra messages to print out (to console)
Fixed item on object packet error (thanks to xX4m4zingXx for pointing out the issue :) )
Fixed Weapon Roulette lobby not registering a player teleported.
Fixed issue causing server points not to save (sometimes)
Removed PK points & Slayer points and replaced with server points
Added clan chat icons (YAY)
Added support for crowns on interfaces (This was a fudgeing runt and a half).
Updated clan chat interface to use crowns
I removed the little into screen, now you can login as soon as the client is loaded.
I also fixed a bug causing the run orb not to work properly.
Other minor updates were done but aren't important.

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