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Eternal PK

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Eternal PK

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Registered 30th December, 2014 at 11:12 by Larrydope
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Eternal PK - Economy Server || Brand New Server!

[Server Information]
*Eternal PK is an economy based, PK server with great features.
*This server focuses on economy as well as the importance of PK and PvM.
*Enjoy our fully working Player Versus Monster scenarios with working bosses!
*Eternal PK also has fully working endless mini-games!

[Unique Features]
-Fast and stable server 100% up-time with no lag-
-Music system-
-Clue Scrolls-
-Full Client Chat-
-22 fully working skills including hunter and construction-
-Active Forums-
-Bosses and Dungeons-

- Duel Arena
- Tzhaar Fight Caves
- Pest Control
- Barbarian Assault
- Castle Wars
- Bounty Hunter
- Fishing Trawler
- Barrows

- Fully Functioning Combat System-
- No Lag
- Safe And Reliable Server
- No Dupes/Exploits
- Working Clue Scrolls
- Working Arrow Poisoning
- Working Weapon Poisoning
- Music System
- Gnome Gliding
- Sailing
- And many more

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