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Registered 8th January, 2015 at 07:42 by Pdwitte
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

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Welcome to Blurite, a server aimed to bring back what you loved, and even more! The owner Omicron, the original developer of Soulsplit 1 when it was at it's peak of 3,000 players, has come back to bring you an experience you won't soon forget! With the same Soulsplit 1 source and client as before, the server has had some extensive work done to it, and has had many improvements that are sure to keep you entertained while you play. Here at Blurite we strive for perfection in everything we do.

The server has tons of playable content, all skills excluding Construction are trainable, and minigames like Pest Control with added features not seen on any other server. On top of that, we offer some brand new interfaces, making gameplay easier and more pleasent.

Part of the Soulplay network Blurite offers a dedicated support team to help you with any problem you should encounter in the game. It also comes with the added benefit of being able to interact with every other server across the Soulplay network. That's tons of extra diverse content you can enjoy without even changing characters! What's stopping you, join us today and experience the time of your life!

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