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Axios RSPS 718


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Axios RSPS 718

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Registered 11th January, 2015 at 22:52 by Axiosrsps
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Download the client from the Play now Button on our website!

Forums: http://www.axiosrsps.org/


Axios is one of the most progressed 718's. Source Developed by Titan.


Perfect farming identical to RS

Very complete hunter with herblore habitat and juju potions

Slayer tasks with working rewards (permanent cancellation and safe cancellation)


Custom Boss

100% working glacors identical to RS

Dungeoneering with degrading rewards

100% godwars with killcount, frozen key, and drop rates

Nex's chamber, full ceremonial will allow free access to nex

Working revenants with accurate drops

Patch Notes:

March 15th 2013
-fixed the blood barrage spell healing
-fixed non combat familiars attacking when they shouldn't be
-removed the note herb option for herblore habitat herbs since they aren't notable

March 16th 2013
-made the juju farming potion realistic with the chance to give double herb instead of increasing herb yield
-fixed the glacors sapping effect
-added the bucket filling with slime and what not for ectofuntus

March 17th 2013
-sped up the arrow flight projectile
-ectofuntus completed
-fixed shop glitch buying negative items
-fixed the blood barrage animation
-added the insert option for banking

March 18th 2013
-chinchompas now fully work
-Completionist cape now works as an Ava's accumulator
-statius warhammer and bandos godsword specials now lower npcs defence as well
-fixed some database nulls that cause npc spawning problems
-fixed the dungeoneering logging out and spawning you in white space when you login
-goliath gloves will now lower npcs stats a little when the random special is activated
-chaotics now degrade and can be repaired with the armor stand at home
-ectotokens can be claimed from the ghost disciple in the ectofuntus
-fixed dungeoneering and optimized the dungeon reload so it will be faster loading when moving on to the next dungeon
-fixed a turmoil null that caused the walking and npc processing to screw up
-high level potions such as overloads, super prayers, etc have been made untradeable
-administrators are unable to trade items

March 19th 2013
-added a ton of animations and bonuses to broken slayer monsters (took over 4 hours to get animation ids..)
-skeletal wyverns added as a slayer monster and slayer task
-added morchella mushroom, cactus, and fellstalk farming support
-added the ability to make prayer renewal potions
-added several items to a shop that can be exchanged for ectotokens
-fixed tons of the clues that were broken
-removed gambling using mithril seeds
-fixed juju woodcutting potions banking nulls while cutting ivy

March 20th 2013
-added filling buckets of sand with sand pits
-added the trollheim herb patch
-added a ton of spells in the lunar spellbook and normal spellbook (superheat item, plank make, etc)
-fixed alchemy spells animations and graphics changing with other staves (staff of fire, etc)
-ALL staves now give proper infinite rune effects
-fixed alchemy spells to give proper amounts of coins instead of overpowered amounts
-fixed all bugged titles that are supposed to come after your name

March 21st 2013
-Added full jewelry crafting. Use a gold bar on a furnace to start.
-All jewelry enchanting now works
-You can now spin wool and yak hair on a spinning wheel for balls of wool and rope
-You can now string jewelry by using a ball of wool on an unstrung piece of bling
-fixed a bunch of graphical bugs with the new spell's graphics (heights and timers)
-filling things using pumps now works
-fixed a fishing bug that causes it to tell you that you need a higher fishing level when you are 1 fishing level away
-fixed the tormented demon's attack speed
-first login should now default to old item looks
-added super antifire potions effects
-veng group now works in singleway combat areas
-fixed enchanting on ruby amulets
-sped up the delay between enchants

March 22nd 2013
-added ring of stone
-fixed the ring of stone logging out and back in
-fixed overpowered alching prices
-fixed the ring of stone in pvp areas (facepalm)

March 23rd 2013
-Started and finished fruit tree farming (no potting plants, just plant the seeds)
-Started and finished hop farming.. due to unpopular request

March 24th 2013
-Started and finished tree farming (just like fruit, plant the seeds)

March 25th 2013
-Fixed the leprechaun noting produce of the new patches I added yesterday
-Fixed the nothing interesting happens with item on item
-Superheat has been fixed to require 43 instead of 86 magic lol

April 6th 2013
-Started the variables and classes I will use for the grand exchange

April 7th 2013
-Researched and looped configs to find grand exchange configs (lots of time on RSBot lol)

April 8th 2013
-Finished the basic outline of using the grand exchange interface and updating the interface properly

April 9th 2013
-Added nightshade farming (random but required for weapon poison which will be added soon)
-Worked a ton on the system that will process the grand exchange offers (still figuring out how this will work)

April 10th 2013
-Finished up the collection box configs for grand exchange and got collection of money from it working
-Offering up a buy offer is completed (working on sell offers now :P)
-Completely finished saving offers for selling and buying in a global way so all offers can be processed while players are offline and be saved when the server gets updated/restarted.

April 11th 2013
-Finished the entire GE.. That was annoying..
-Using the vengeance spell will no longer interrupt what you are doing such as stop combat

April 12th 2013
-The max cape now requires the correct stats to wear
-The completionist cape now requires a couple extra things as well as 120 dungeoneering to wear
-The grand exchange has been released and is fully working!
-Black dragons, blue dragons, and black demons can now be recieved as slayer tasks
-The slayer helmet, hexcrest, and focus sight are effective on the king black dragon and queen black dragon when on a black dragon task

April 13th 2013
-Fixed a grand exchange null error
-Added new seed drops to the monsters in the polypore dungeon
-fixed the dragon slayer tasks

April 14th 2013
-Fixed shark fishing.
-added the scroll of life, scroll of efficiency, and scroll of cleansing as rewards to the dungeoneering shop
-added the effects of the dungeoneering scroll rewards
-the rigour, rapid renewal, and augury prayers now require unlocks via dungeoneering to use
-added the tome of frost to the dungeoneering reward shop
-added the mercenary gloves to the dungeoneering reward shop

April 15th 2013
-fixed the skill interface bug not showing up
-added the client logo

April 18th 2013
-added the new title screen music (next time I upload the cache)
-fixed the godwars bosses getting stuck behind other npcs allowing people to safespot them

April 19th 2013
-Started work on construction
-Got a basic house loading with one room type
-You can preview rooms before buying them and rotate them how you want
-You can change your house look (stone, wood, etc)
-Fixed idle logout with NPC combat
-Fixed super prayer potions
-added teak and mahogany woodcutting

April 20th 2013
-Fixed a farming seed dupe involving the scroll of life (good thing I was the one to figure it out lol)
-added a shit ton of construction objects (thanks devin for getting the majority of the ids)

April 21st 2013
-Fixed a few banking areas
-fixed the length of time items stay appeared on the ground
-Fully added the forinthry bracelet.

April 22nd 2013
-Fixed the metal dragons completely buttraping you when you walk in (super antifire makes you invincible)

April 25th 2013
-Redid the misc spells such as alching to have better timers (allowing it while in combat etc)
-being stuck logged in should no longer happen

April 29th 2013
-Fixed a pointless and meaningless nomad paft
-fixed goliath glove special attack rate on high defence npcs
-fixed blocking the agility course and placing hunter traps on clipped tiles

May 4th 2013
-Added killcount for godwars
-Fixed the zamorak godwars boss
-Fixed the saradomin godwars boss
-Added drops and npcs for zaros killcount
-Ancient ceremonial gets you into the Nex waiting room without requiring killcount
-Frozen key has been added fully
-You can repair a frozen key on the repair stand at home for 50k per charge
-All objects in godwars now work
-un-nerfed nex's drop rates
-un-nerfed armadyl's drop rates
-nerfed zamorak's drop rates

May 19th 2013
-Silver crafting has been added

May 20th 2013
-Fixed laying maramasaw plant traps

May 24th 2013
-Found an easy way to display patches as diseased, watered, and dead
-Added diseasing and curing
-added watering and composting

May 25th 2013
-finished bush farming

June 30th 2013
-redid the entire drop system to be more accurate to the wiki's descriptions
-dumped all npc drops from the runescape wiki and implemented them

June 23rd 2013
-added brewing in port phasmatys 100%

July 25th 2013
-added the rare drop table correctly
-updated the ring of wealth's effect to allow access to the rare drop table more commonly
-slayer monsters now have more common access to the rare drop table based of combat level and slayer requirement

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