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SpawnScape - #RETURNS

SpawnScape - #RETURNS's Banner

SpawnScape - #RETURNS

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Registered 22nd January, 2015 at 01:04 by Spawnscape
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

SpawnScape 614

We are officially back, with amazing updates. We do not take any credit for the previous SpawnScape. However we claim the name because our development deserves it.

We have amazing features, everything was developed onto the SpawnScape source by our Developer Jonny.

At SpawnScape, We think a Video explains a thousand words so let the video do the explaining on how good of a server we are.

Our Features:

Our new Dicing System is seen on a couple of other servers however we are first to add it to the 614 revision. What it is is you right click and hit "dice with" like you would hit the trade option and type your amount you want to gamble the player. It will automatically roll and give you the items you won.

Get 25M every 12 hours of gameplay by typing ::vault!

Donator Fountain
Use the Donator Fountain to regain Special, Health & Prayer every 2 minutes!

We have about 20 shops, including point shops. You can buy supplys here or use your Strategy Points.

Mystery Boxes
Yep! We even have Mystery Boxes, test your luck! You always get something good and always have a chance to get a rare item such as a PartyHat. A yell message is also displayed when you get one.

Random Event Boxes
We also have Random Event Boxes for the skillers out there! You get skilling rares and skilling items from these.

Vote Tokens
We have an Auto-Vote system with Vote Tokens. You can very well get rare items or even premium status from these tickets if you are lucky. You always get something good from these even if it's a pair of Dragon Claws or even an abyssal whip. Everytime you use a vote token you are also given 2 hours of unlimited prayer points, meaning you won't have to use prayer potions!

Crystal Key Chest
We have a Crystal Key Chest which you can also get rares from. You ALWAYS get something good from this! To get Crystal Keys you have to get them as a Safe PvP drop.

Grand Exchange Home
Our home is currently the Grand Exchange, we have 7 shops located around the Grand Exchange circle for easy access and 4 other point shop's located around the outer circle.
You can also Safe Pk outside the Grand Exchange!

Custom Minigame Cave of Zaros
We have a custom minigame called "The Cave of Zaros." This is another way to obtain rares on SpawnScape. It is a 1/333 chance to get a rare.

Custom Shop's Location
We have a custom shops location also, which is seen above the Grand Exchange. We just redid it and it looks absolutely amazing. We have a Vote Point Shop, Credit Shop, & 2 Strategy Point Shops. Also we have around 9 supply shops.

We have all primal weapons currently working. You can hit up to a 700 with Primal 2h in max strength!

Respawn Sytem
We have an awesome respawning system. I don't know about you but I love being able to respawn whereever I want. That is why we have the command ::respawn where you can choose between 10 different locations to set your Respawn to.

We currently have lots of Skilling. We have 100% working Crafting, Fletching, Mining, Runecrafting, Thieving, Agility & Fishing. Skilling is one of the best ways to earn money because you get Strategy Points from doing so which are spendable in either 2 of the shops.

Donator Status
Donator's are very beneficial on our server, we have fully working Overload Potions, Extreme Potions, Special Recoverys, Super Prayer Potions, & All PvP armours. Note, Prime Donator's have the checkbank, checkinv command and have unlimited prayer!


You can now vote for unlimited prayer!

We are currently the leading 614, with your support we can grow even bigger.

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