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Registered 29th January, 2015 at 06:40 by Luckscape
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

[center]Hi, my name's Brent and I'm the owner of LuckScape.

Here at LuckScape we pride ourselves in being the best server we can possibly be.
I'm always busy working on bug fixes and adding new content while our support team is always ready to help when you need it!
So why not come check it out and have a look! We have many things to offer.
Some of them but not limited to are:

We have a custom quest tab that allows teleports to almost everywhere in LuckScape which also features all the main links you'll need.

We are adding boss pets just like real rs! This means you can show off your funky achievements!

Drop rates are relatively good which means you'll never be waiting hours for a drop.

The exp rates are very good but not so good that you can get max in a mere hour, this provides you with a goal to aim for.

All of our skills are working 100% so you can enjoy the nostalgic rs feel!

Our home is very original. It is a one of a kind home and provides you with all your needs.

We have fully working pvp armour and it degrades just like real rs!

We have the tokhaar-kal and its range counterpart and fully customizable max and comp capes!

Did I also mention we have fully working nex and spirit shield sets with the original working korasi spec!

All level 90 weaponary. This includes:
- Seismic Wand & Orb
- Drygores

I'm currently working on adding in all the level 90 armour! We currently have:

Not only this but we have the Vorago & Kalphite King boss with correct attack animations! It's completely awesome!

Did I mention that we have a very easy barrows system that allows fast cash? We also have decent drop rates at godwars!
Hope great is that?

We are the best 667 out and you shouldn't doubt so why not come try today, you won't be disappointed!

Website: [url]http://www.luckscape.net[/url]
Forums: [url]http://www.luckscape.net/Forums[/url]

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