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Masiyah Real Map 8.6


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Masiyah Real Map 8.6

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Registered 6th February, 2015 at 00:05 by Bonirohan
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Private Server Description

Welcome to Masiyah Real Map, the most stable Open Tibia Server. Masiyah was created in March 2011 and is still running as good as ever!

How to get free points:

Website: www.masiyah.se

Create account:

Livestream: http://masiyah.se/stream

- This server is based on 8.6 server.
- RL Tibia war system
- New unique quests to conquer
- PvP protecion till level 80
- Auction system

- Last Man Standing!
- Zombie Event!
- Pacman!
- Snake!
- 2 Types of Casinos!
- Other activies our Staff randomly makes now and then!

Map Information:
- RL Tibia map customized
- Full Zao with full Razachai
- DHQ, POI, Demon Oak, Annihi, Azerus and a lot of quests working, also we have made 10 custom quests!
- Custom islands: Oken, Gengia + VIP Island

Usefull commands:
!bless - buy all blessings for 50k
!aol - you know

Website features:

- Referal system- Get free points & exclusive stuff by referring freind(s)!
- Top Fraggers
- Elfbot
- Gallery
- Monsters & Spells
- Guild Wars
- Live Stream
- Events

Server experience stages and rates:

Forum: http://rohan-ots.com/forum/

Want to earn some freep points? Check out:

Join us!

Best regards,

Masiyah Staff

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