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Registered 14th March, 2015 at 17:34 by Desolutionx
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Welcome to SerpentScape and Thank you for visiting Our page!

We have something to accommodate all types of players. Whether you are an avid PvMer, a constant pker, a merchant, a skiller, a gambler, or a mix of all of them, ArmadylX is the right server for you. We upadate bases on what you guys want!

Some Awesome Features,

We have Full screen - rezisable HD - 24/7 Online - Team Dung so you can train dung with your friends - Emoties like :D - Report abuse is working 100% so you can report people we have a active staff team who is looking every 30mins on the report map - Active forums - Lots of bosses nex,bandos etc - Minigames Like soulwars, duel arena and pest control and a few more - And much more features come and check it out!

Info About SerpentScape

ArmadylX was founded on 16-6-2015 so about 2 months ago but we didn't put it online to find out bugs/dupes/glitches so we have developed this private server for 2 months we had a beta time of 1 week a few weeks ago but now the Private Server is ready to host 2-9-2015 so we're a really new server.

Our Server Link


Our powerfull Server

SerpentScape operates on a powerful dedicated server that runs 24/7.

Intel® Dual Core i7 OctaCore CPU 2000K @ 3.4GHz (2 Processors).
Hyper-threading Technology + Turbo boost 1.0.
22GB of RAM.
R1Soft Daily backup every 12 hours a back up.
Fully redundant. - 6 Cores / 12 Threads CPU.
DDoS protection from all sorts of DDoS attacks.

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