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Registered 2nd April, 2015 at 15:51 by Eluthia718
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Home - http://www.eluthia.com/community

Forums - http://www.eluthia.com/community

Play Now - http://www.eluthia.com/community

Eluthia, previously was known & considered an Oldschool-themed 474 revision server, though due to lack of prosperity the decision was made a couple of months a go to convert.
Here we are now, striving for success in our first day of launch. In good pride & determination, we hope to make a resounding impact on those who join Eluthia.

Noteable Features;

- Automated Vote
- 100% Player-based Grand Exchange.
- Well-Revised Economy basis
- IPB Forums & Professional Layout
- Variety of Bosses & Minigames to encounter.
- Iron & Hardcore Iron man challenges.
- Unique Home.
- Well known Community.
- Welcoming Environment.
- A Number of skill-testing minigames.
- New & Never-seen before content.
- Daily Updates.
- A Number of custom bosses to encounter.
- All skills 100% working.
- A Unforgettable Challenge!
- Clue Scroll & In-game Challenges!
- An Active Community In-game & On our Forums.
- Pet System.. (Including, Jad Pet).

So what are you waiting for?...

Join now at: http://www.eluthia.com/community

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