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Registered 30th April, 2015 at 13:40 by Woofdawg23
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Welcome and thank you for choosing Ragefire-Empire!

What is Ragefire-Empire and why should you care? Ragefire-Empire is the parellel existance of the Runescape 2007 era. Though similiar and quite different in many ways to this

time period, It's spectacular gameplay will challenge even the oldest standing server competitors. The game has a nice and sleak modern feel to it. We combined the best years

from the 2007 Runescape Era with our own filtered perception of what a game should consist of and how it operates in relation to what the players desire. We strive to satisfy

our players and will put every bit of effort there is to give until this goal is ascertained or until they get sick of all the nostalgia that Ragefire-Empire provides.

Some of the Content on Ragefire-Empire Consists of:

- %100 quick prayers
- %100 perfect Player Vs Npc Combat
- %100 perfect Player vs Player Combat
- %100 dwarf cannon (recieve from achievment store)
- %100 grand exchange (all slots available members or not!)
- %100 bank tabs (with extra 1000 bank space, members or not!)
- %100 safe player vs player gambling (simply right click other player!)
- in-game slot machine and a gambler where you can play dice with!
- 30 total prestige levels (drop rates*prestige level, EXP/prestige level) with in-game prestige reward shop, and custom prestige colored titles throughout prestging, fast

exp rates throughout prestige makes the fun fly by without getting so bored opposed to those slow exp rate servers!)
- items kept on death outside of wilderness and PVP activities to ensure player satisfaction
- More than 20 bosses to wage combat with (drop guides are provided for all players)
- Custom Summoning Skill w/ boss pets that can participate in battle (Familiars Super Powerful in Combat!)
- Custom zombie survival minigame with barrier rebuilding and boss rounds (In-game reward shop for rich rewards!)
- Custom PK System with flawless switching, anti-player jacking, anti-running from combat, anti-teleport from wild (unless the 1M teletab is bought from mage store), tons of

spots to pk at, perfected player vs player mechanics, a custom island, bloodshed island allows primal, torva, overloads, and extremes (items banned from PVP acitvities in the

wilderness), target system, EP system, pkpoints, a pk reward shop and more!
- Over 100+ Achievments with fat stacks of gold rewards, great for noobies and great for the expierenced adventurer! Achievment points then can be used in-game for awesome

- Classic Runescape Minigames including: duel arena, pest control, barrows, and warrior's guild!
- Every Month a lucky player has the oppertunity to recieve a pk chat crown for a month timespan or a partyhat chat crown for a month timespan depending if they were chosen

for the award or not!
- 23 total working skills with a dungeneering update coming within the next week!
- custom point systems including skill points with reward shop, a prestige skiller shop, and the annilation point system (recieve from player vs npc combat) where you are

able to buy chaotics, primals, and more!
- voting offers vote points, loyalty points, a reward token, and 5M! Voting for the Server also weakens your opponent in player vs npc battle and doubles your exp rates for

an hour!
- Slayer System with 30+ Slayer tasks, Duo Slayer, and the option to assign more tasks of specified Monsters!
- The Server is 24/7 and ddos protected, free of dupes, free of hackers, and ultimately very stable. You will rarely be disconnected from the server opposed to most servers

disconnecting you every 10 minutes!
- Are you still reading this? Come play Ragefire-Empire already!! Words can only explain so much, it's time to expierence what true fun really means! http://ragefire-empire.org

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