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Registered 5th May, 2015 at 17:55 by Conquest
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

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Conquest is a 317 server loading 562/602 server.

Here at Conquest we strive to provide each player with a pleasant and enjoyable stay, through our dedicated host and staff team. Conquest constantly goes through new updates to ensure that the players are always kept entertained with new content. As the owner of Conquest, I am completely dedicated to making the most enjoyable experience possible for each and every player, and as our motto says “Conquest is made by the players, for the players”, and we strive to uphold that motto every day.
Links CONQUEST 317 LOADING 562/602:
Home - http://conquest-rsps.com/home/
Forums - http://conquest-rsps.com/forums
Client - http://conquest-rsps.com/home/ClientDL/Conquest.jar

Main Features:
Fully working "Buy X" and "Sell X"
Fully working curses
Fully working spell books with correct animations
Player owned shops fully working
Custom Dungeoneering System
All skills working
Custom quest tab
Fully working XP Counter
Fully working Money Pouch
Fully working emotes
Plenty of bosses to fight
Fully working slayer system
Auto-Join clan chat on login
Chaotics/Nex sets/Primal equipment
5 Fully Mini games
A more fun skilling system
24/7 Uptime – VPS Hosted – NO LAG
Daily updates
Great Economy
Dedicated staff/owner
Great community
And much more.
All we ask is for you to try out Conquest, because we’re certain that you will enjoy it and would want to continue playing it, so come give us a try.

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