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Project TitanX 742


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Project TitanX 742

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Registered 27th May, 2015 at 18:33 by Beastly
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

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[URL=http://project-titanx.ddns.net/mmo/what-is-titanx.html]Server Description[/URL]


Get ready to see the best content-wise server online. PvM/Economy based but PKing is welcome
Project TitanX offers all 25 RS718 skills, well combat, active pvm, unique minigames, 100% stability combined with staff professionalism, unique interfaces, and a beautiful game-play.
We promise you to have nice game-play and to enjoy the friendly community. Donating for ranks IS NOT required. We do weekly giveaways for items, exp boosts, drops and donator ranks.


Project TitanX contains little to no bugs, since release there has not been one dupe found, keep in mind Project TitanX is written well by Beast(HostRaptor). There has not been any rollbacks. The game has never crashed due to a coding mistake. Cheat engines are absolutely useless on the server.. The server is very optimized, don't expect any lag at all whilst playing.


- Double XP Well.
- Charm Seekers'.
- Mineral Deposit Mining.
- Advanced Agility Courses.
- Full Resource dungeons.
- Custom Bosses.
- Slayer Task Bosses.
- Bonecrusher.
- Perfect Gem Cutting.
- 100% Glacors.
- Iron Man Mode.
- Prestige System.
- Flawless Switching
- Achievement Diary.
- Very Clean Economy.
- 100% Toolbelt
- IronMan Modes.
- Clue Scrolls.
- Full Working Farming (99%).
- Fully Working PuroPuro.
- Level Point System (Custom).
- Trivia (Custom).
- All Skill Dialogues
- Squeal Of Fortune.
- All Agility Courses.
- CompReqs.
- Highscores.
- Full GWD.
- Shooting Stars.
- Slayer (90%).
- All Skills Trainable.
- Fully Working Alchemy, Enchanting.
- Donator Zone (Custom).
- Working Golden Mining Armour.
- LRC Fully Functional.
- 100% Barrows Brothers.
- Fully working Charming Imp.
- Stable exp Rates.
- 100% Warriors Guild.


- 100% Puro Puro
- Chinchompas
- Bird Snares

- 100% Lava Mine
- 100% Living Rrock Cavern
- Custom Mining Animation

- Bon Fires 100% + Health boost
- Fire Spirit

- Correct Smithing Interface's
- All armours smithable
- All weapons smithable

- Custom Animations
- Inferno Adze Working

- 99.9% Farming Trees, Herbs, Flowers, Produce.

- Advanced Gnome Agility
- Wilderness agility course
- Advanced Barbarian course

- All summoning creatures

Dungeoneering (Custom For Now)
- 3 Dungeoneering Locations
- Low Level Dungeoneering
- Medium Level Dungeoneering
- High Level Dungeoneering[/ADMIN]







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