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Awaken Offical

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Awaken Offical

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Registered 7th June, 2015 at 11:13 by Emade
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

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[URL=http://"http://awaken-ps.com"]Fourms[/URL] -----[URL=http://"http://awaken-ps.com/AwakenLauncher.jar"]Download client[/URL]
We have gotten 14 on but this is the closest picture i could get to it

AwakenPS is a custom server coded by Nick. We have no other developers atm and are looking for some currently. This server is NOT Pay 2 win. Any item can be obtained via killing monsters or building them. Feel free to drop by and have a great time![/CENTER]
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Asguardian boss and titans

[*]Not Pay 2 win
[*]Easy to get customs
[*]Easy start
[*]Custom Bosses
[*]Many zones
[*]5-10 on
[*]Helpful staff
[*]Prestige system
[*]Nice Community
[*] Unique dicing with anti scam
[*]Vps hosted
[*]Website with domain
[*]Full screen feature
[*]And much more!

Prestige system (with shop)
Many zones to teleport to
Custom Drop rates with annoucment
Many monsters to kill
Skilling zone
Nice players

Just posted 6/4/2015
Will post updates as they come

6/5/2015 Hired a fourm administrator (Ramon)
6/8/2015 Added auth voting system
6/10/2015 Added Titans , Asguardian boss and unique dicing system

Feel free to come on ingame and say hi atleast :)

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