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Registered 13th June, 2015 at 16:23 by Sapspirit
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

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Hello guys, I have been developing SapSpirit for some time. www.sapspirit.net -

Recently a member of SapSpirit Bradsly joined the game, he has had amazing reviews and experience inside the game. He is now an in-game and website moderator for SapSpirit. Even you can make a difference today!

I am the CEO of SapSpirit, I would like to share this wonderful gaming experience I put over 200 hours into making. It's a modded version of RuneScape, but we bring you the entertainment where RuneScape took it away. We base on RuneScape back in 2007/2008 loading 2014 items. (Looks and acts like 2007/2008 but new items) we are also loading OldSchool RuneScape items.

The experience multiplier in RuneScape is really low, and takes multiple months to obtain maxed stats. Here in SapSpirit the experience multiple is perfect and takes the perfect amount of time. We also have a completionist cape which will take much more time in-game to complete.

We also have 3 quests which grant you access to certain monsters, locations and great rewards. Compared to every RuneScape Private Server we hit the top 5% for quests!

We also have integrated custom items into SapSpirit, which for most people are a turn off due to every server eventually making them over powered, before we as staff release them to be obtained by our player base we test each and every single weapon/item added in-game.

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