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New-Era 718

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New-Era 718

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Registered 25th June, 2015 at 04:26 by Newera
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

We are happy to say that New-Era is finaly released. We are a brand new rsps with dedicated developers and have many features that will keep you busy for ages. The developers are always open to the players ideas and want to serve the players needs. We love to implament community ideas because they end up being popular updates. We welcome you ahead of time, and hope you enjoy the server.

Version: 718/752
Exp Rate (Regular) : 90x
Vps Hosted 24/7

Some of New-Era's features

RealRs Dungeoneering with multiple floors
Team Dungeoneering
Team Slayer
Castle Wars, Clan Wars pking, Edgville Pking
On-Spot Duel Everywhere
25/25 Skills Trainable
Vorago, Leeuni Bosses
Unlimited Prestige System
Boss Contractor
Player Owned Shops
Player Owned Houses
Multiple Exp modes
Amazing donator benefits
Much much more

Join today so you can start your adventure!

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