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OSRS Deadman Mode - Deadm

OSRS Deadman Mode - Deadm's Banner

OSRS Deadman Mode - Deadm

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Registered 7th July, 2015 at 23:48 by Asir
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DeadmanScape, a 474 RSPS based off of the OSRS Version of DeadmanMode whereby everywhere is PvP and survival is key. You will have to kill to survive in which killing someone will grant you access to the victim’s bank for a small period of time.

Trading is permitted but is not recommended as you never know when somebody will turn on you and kill you. Upon death your stats will be reset by a certain amount but not so much that it will devastate your hard work. You will respawn in a random location within a city where you will be surrounded by incredibly powerful guards that will team up and kill using powers such as ice barrage to freeze any player with a skull. For a PKer, cities are your worst enemy.

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