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Registered 25th July, 2015 at 03:12 by Echo
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description


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Lottery System
Trivia System
Bank Pin System
Tutorial System
Time Played System
Reset Skills System
Voting Rewards
Custom Cosmetics
Custom Bosses
Custom Weapons
Third Age Sword
Third Age Wand
Third Age Cloak
Completion Cape
Max Cape
Fire Cape / Kiln Cape
Working Jad
Working Nomad
Nex Gear with Specials
Primal & Promethium
Death Cape
Community Team Speak Server
Player VS Monsters Rewards
Armor Bonuses
Working Ring of Wealth
Client Based Notifications
HD Graphics
HD Textures
Client Loader
Automatic Cache Updater
Working Sounds
Working Music
Packet System
Push Notifications
High Detail / Low Detail
Toggling Features
Toggle Game Frame
Custom Interfaces
Competitive HighScores
Shooting Star System
Star Dust Reward Store
100% Ancients
100% Lunars
100% Perfect Switches
Accurate Max Hit Formula
Correct Accuracy Hit Formula
Customized Weapons
Loyalty Titles
Well-Constructed Pk Shop
Pet System Based on Bosses
Pet Insurance
Fog System
Hit Marks
HP above Users
Mouse Wheel Screen Rotation
Flawless Hybridding
Active Community, In-Game & Forums
Amazing Combat
Constant Updates
Hard Based Economy
Automatic Donations & Voting System
Daily Events
Active Deep Wilderness Pking
Custom Quest Tab
Active Clan vs Clan Battles
KillStreak & Bounty System
50+ Achievements
Social Slayer (Duo Slayer)
Leaderboards for Wilderness
Pk Titles
Target System
EP System
Working Mage Arena
PvP Artifacts
Fully Working Curses
KDR System
Experience Counter
Working Specials
Steadfast, Glaviens, Ragefires
TokHar Kal & Hand Cannon
Zaryte Bow & God Bows
Dedicated Staff Team With Past Experience
Hosted On A Dedicated Server
Fully Functional Bank Tabs
Complete Clan Chat System
20+ Working Skills!
Customizable Client
Custom vBulletin Themed Forums
Mix of 474, 525, and 667 maps
Gambling (Dicing & Mithril Seeds)
Pest Control , Duel Arena, Barrows, Fight Caves
Zombies, Castle Wars, Champion Scrolls
100% Working Money Pouch
100% Clans with Real Interfaces
Added Trivia tokens and shop
Added Stardust shop
Auto voting
Deathcape added
+more customs

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