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Deviant 718

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Deviant 718

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Registered 25th July, 2015 at 23:15 by Deviant
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Why should you join our server?

Deviant is a server that revolves around forming a community more than anything.
We want our players to enjoy the community they're in and also have enough entertainment to stay a part of it.

Website Link:


What kind of server is Deviant?

Deviant is a partial spawn and economic server.

The currency of the server is PK tickets as they'll be gained through Player-killing, Skilling, etc.


The developers of Deviant come from a background a lot of players of Rune-Server could probably relate to, which the friendship generated from Frugoo-Scape/Unrealscape.
As both the developers were administrators on that server and throughout several projects in the last few years, we've become to know how to handle situations
to provide players with a fun and fair playing environment.

The Player-killing system has rewards through killstreaks.

As you're on a killstreak, you'll be given bonuses on PK points when killing players. As you reach 100 killstreak you get a magnificent bonus of points.

A fun part to add competition to the player-killing community on the server is that it'll announce who ended their opponent's killstreak if they're on 5 or above kills.

Deviant also provides a fast way to get into the Wilderness through Gear buttons in the player's information tab: This can be seen in the pictures below

The Slayer system on Deviant has been tweaked, as you'll be able to select the difficulty of task you'd like to have, but after a certain level you can't return to that area of tasks.

As you choose your task difficulty, you'll be given extra points based off the difficulty you choose. (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite).

Bossing in Deviant will drop rares and also give players a chance to earn a White Partyhat as they're used throughout the server to show dedication to playing and being active.

As there's currently a custom boss in level 46 of the Wilderness, the developers of Deviant will continue to add more entertainment through providing more PVM content.

Such as the Giant Mole

As the boss reaches below 1,000 hitpoints it'll spawn minions such as skeleton to help kill you.


Title Gambling!

There's Partyhats throughout the server that you can gain from Slayer, PvP, Bossing, and Voting that you'll be able to use for gambling for a title.

Once you've gotten a title from gambling, you're able to change the color of it.

Minigames will be added throughout the server as time progresses.

Current minigame that a developer of Deviant enjoyed from a while back that has been added:

Mage Arena:

Mage arena points are used to buy Infinity in the shop as it's an unspawnable.

Come on out and check us out!

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