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Registered 29th July, 2015 at 18:38 by Arcanum
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Brand new custom spawn PK system!! We are a brand new server! Perfect Switching Perfected PvM Custom bosses So much more, come join us today! go to this link to play! http://arcanumrsps.com/

- Custom Spawn PKing
- Custom wilderness boss
- Flawless switching
- Custom client
- Random event
- Duel arena
- All god wars bosses
- Blink
- Yk'Lagor
- Party Demon
- All Dag Kings
- King Black Dragon
- Corp
- Queen Black Dragon
- Hati
- Glacors
- Nomad
- Avatar of destruction
- Tormented Demons
- Kalphite Queen
- Fight Caves
- Fight Kiln
- Zombie Onslaught
- Fully working Barrows
- Dominion Tower
- Mage Bank
- Reventants
- Clan Wars
- Duel Arena

and much much more!

Soon to be added is a spawn pk system on an economy based server.

Clan wars portal will be spawn pking, and you can not take items in with you and you can not leave with items.
stay tuned for more updates.

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