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Registered 31st July, 2015 at 11:39 by Exonance
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

Recently opened, and already buzzing! We came into the scene, and already have 10 active players. We have amazing features to keep you coming back for more!
We constantly have amazing updates, and they aren't just the small bug fixes. We are constantly adding stuff to the game YOU the COMMUNITY decides!

Amazing Features

* 24/7 Uptime
* Double Exp Weekends
* Completely Lag Free!
* 100% working leeches
* Working Korasi’s Sword + Vigour
* Multi-target Barrage
* Simplistic Xp Counter
* All Chaotic weapons and armor available to all players
* Working curses prayer book, including turmoil!
* All Spell books - Moderns, Ancients and Lunars
* All Spirit shields working, even their effects
* Working Teleblock & Staff of light Special
* Perfect player emotes
* Yell system with custom tags
* Skills working, this includes Hunter and Summoning.
* Intricate Slayer system with a Prestige hierarchy that contains numerous benefits
* Dynamic Clan Chats
* Pking EP Drops
* Perfect Special Attacks and effects
* Tons of different training areas
* Ability to reset combat skills
* Bonus Experience Rate & Starter Pack for new players
* Stable Economy & Active Market
* Custom lotto
* Points you may earn throughout slayer and PKing to spend on amazing rewards!
* Exceptional PvM System
* Enjoyable & Beneficial Quests
* Professional and Active staff team ready to assist you
* A Max Cape achievable after all 99s & 10th Prestige Slayer is completed

Client Features:

* Fullscreen fully working
* Hotkeys
* Choose between Oldschool x1 & Modern x10 damage
* Change the hit splats to fit your preference
* Right click and reply to private messages
* New Hitpoints bar/old
* Names above head
* HP above head
* Fog Toggle on/off


* Godwars
* Dagannoth Kings
* Chaos Elemental
* Corporeal Beast
* The Pummeller
* Unholy Cursebearer


*Champion Wars
*Pest Control
*TzHaar Cave
*Duel Arena
*Warriors Guild

Why you should come try out Exonance:

We offer many exclusive features, and many updates coming to you randomly. We have an amazing community, and an amazing staff team that thrive to keep you happy and enjoying the game.
We make sure the game is what you want, not just what we want. We are in early stages so we are very open to suggestions and always communicating and taking ideas from the community.

Extra information:

We are recruiting for our staff team, as well as a dedicated Graphics Designer! Interested in a fun and exciting position? Come and talk to us privately and tell us what you can offer!

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