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Registered 8th March, 2013 at 23:26 by Aksel0
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

||Eco|| ||Pking|| ||24/7|| ||Alots of Bosses|| ||Need Some staff|| ||and more come join and play with us|

Features -

100% Runescape XP Bar
614 Look, Less Lag
Amazing Combat
Few Known dupes patched
Clipped Following
Clipped Combat
634 items.
633 characters.
602 anims including Korasi.
508 maps & objects.
New hitmarks like rs Including Criticals.
602 Npc's & Skilltab
Fast loading client.
Low client memory usage.
Full working Curses
Items kept on death interface
New Shop interface
New Bank interface
New RS Loading Bar/Login Box/Background
New Skill Tab w/ hovering
New Friends list/Ignore list
- Fixed tooltips
- Added sound and music system
- Added npc tile clipping (fully 317 clipped tiles)
- Added clipped following (server sided)
- Added aditions to all orbs + made them work (rest, quick prayers,...)
- Added more interfaces
- Cleaned the cache (didnt repack it so you may have to do that as it is big)
- Fixed the xp counter
- Attempt to economy (not done yet)
- Added items kept on death
- Added pest control and fight pits
- Added some npcs
- changed slayer tasks
- Added skillcape emote button
- Fixed Veng gfx
- Added emotes/gfx's
- Fixed dragons (were invisible) & nechrayels
- Fixed shop system
- Added cursors
- Added new bank interface (all buttons work except search)
- Added better clan chat (shitty, but better)
- Fixed Map Dots offset
- Added selectable homes
- Fixed some maps
- Fixed lumbridge bridge and more
- Added Client HD support
- Added more playerRights (with crowns)
- Added Extremes/ Overload
- Running With Energy
- Resting restore Energy (and restore pots)
- Fixed lunar Black box (behind runes)
- Fixed Transparancy
- Added Quick prayers/Curses
- Added nex w anims

Pictures adding soon!

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