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Registered 23rd August, 2015 at 23:48 by Rar349
RSPS | RuneScape Private Servers

Private Server Description

- Clue scrolls
- In chat emojis / emoticons
- Completely Custom chat
- Completely Custom Combat System
- Integrated ingame voice chat (no need for skype)
- Imbued items
- Custom raid dungeons
- Custom minigames
- Working dwarf multicannon
- Working gold dwarf multicannon
- Working royal dwarf multicannon
- Fully working glacors
- Team dungeoneering
- No scam dicing system
- Every skill is trainable
- Highscores
- Forums
- Auto vote
- Auto donation
- Fully working farming
- Stable economy
- Multiple bosses
- Multiple custom bosses
- Fully working duel arena
- Stable staff team
- Updates weekly
- We add what the community wants
- Fully funded by our owners
- Dedicated hosting
- Fully working slayer
- Multiple Agility courses (with advanced courses)
- Increased XP limit to 999,999,999 instead of 200,000,000
- Monster/Boss kill count available
- Monster/Boss kill count highscores
- Custom pk kits (log in and pk)
- Co-op Slayer
- Elite Staking (Custom staking system) (We still have normal staking!)
- And the best part is that we are still in beta.

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