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Registered 16th September, 2015 at 03:23 by Keithstone
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Private Server Description

Server IP: rpg.caversia.com
Website: http://www.caversia.com

Caversia is a server network offering Factions and Towny servers, both servers include admin shops with 170+ items to buy and sell.

Some of our features include: (some features are server speicific)

-Auctions: Buy and sell to other players with our in game auctions through the chat system
-Bounty Rewards: Killing players has a chance to drop their heads, then sell their heads to the Bounty vendor for extra cash
-Faction Alert: Get alerted when explosions and players enter/leave your Faction territory
-Voting Crate Keys: Voting on our server helps you earn money and rewards
-McMMO: RPG leveling system that adds new abilities and skills to the game
-Random Chests: There are random spawning chests that spawn all over the world that have a chance to drop awesome loot
-Lottery: Every 60 minutes you play on our server rewards you with one entry towards our monthly prizes, you can earn an unlimited amount of entries.

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