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Registered 16th September, 2015 at 04:20 by Johnsonj55
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First off I'd like to state this again in my post, I was working for Elveron (Bobismyname/Miles) for a few months now, and we decided we'd be better off alone. But, he agreed to let me keep using the server as I did work on it and its only fair. Therefore, from this I'm creating a RuneScape remake with choose-able exp rates, and a small shortcut to things.

Second off, we handle everything similar to CorruptionX (They inspired me to do the interface), we use the interface they do and we're enjoying it. We base SOME shops, and SOME teleports in here. But, the teleports don't take you all the way to lets say godwars, you still have to walk the rest of the way. The shops are SIMILAR to RuneScape too.

The server is NOT completed yet, and has a ways to go. We just wanted to pre-release so you guys can join a little early as I had so many skypes asking for it to be up sooner. We will be fixing everything you guys post on here, and forums, and we will check out the suggestions and add those in!


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